Our team

Roar Adelsten

CEO & Founder, CBO Market Economist & Certified Drug Consultant

Roar Adelsten is the visionary founder of Auxesis Pharma Holding AB, Acet Medica AB and CoxyPet Pharma AB. He has spent the past 26 years on research and development, having innovated several generic formulations for clinical trials.

His recent achievements include treatments for human/animal dermal pain; the basis for his most current project. His life’s work spans globally in the medical industries of Norway, Sweden and the USA. Among other distinctions in the field, Roar has worked with products for use in surgical reconstructive orthopaedics, joint and bone arthroplasty.

He possesses experience in surgical instruments and techniques for use in endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery, and has assisted with diathermy procedures in operating rooms at healthcare facilities for companies such as Pfizer Howmedica, the orthopedic section of the PfizerMedical Technology Group and Deknatel Snowden Pencer in Atlanta, Georgia.

He also provided training and treatment of first-aid and traumatic injuries, working with the Paramedic and Ambulance Service of the Norwegian Red Cross in Oslo, Norway. Roar holds a BS in Economics & Marketing from the IHM Business School in Oslo, Norway. He is also a certified Pharmaceutical Consultant from the University of Oslo.

Prof. Moustapha Hassan

Director of the Preclinical Laboratory, Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge, Sweden

Visiting Professor of Pharmacotherapy, University of Gothenburg. Professor of Transplantation Research, Karolinska Institutet. Professor of Experimental Hematology, Karolinska Institutet.

Senior researcher at the department of Clinical Pharmacology, Karolinska University Hospital. Post Doctor / Researcher, Karolinska Hospital Pharmacy.

Lars Larsson

Business Advisor

Lars lives in Stockholm, Sweden and is a very experienced business advisor.

As such he has an extensive experience from several boards and more than fourteen years of supporting company managers, CEOs, directors and business owners in their business development.

Broad experience from managerial positions, mainly in the IT and Telecom industries. Lars has both a BSc in public affairs and a MSc in Management from Swedish universities. Education includes university courses in marketing on a third level stage. His driving force is to create a better world for everybody.